At Camerich we stand behind each and every product that we produce. Quality products require superior technique, expert craftsmanship, and a whole lot of heart. Despite relentless pressures from our competitors, we focus on us internally, and we simply do what we do best. At Camerich we believe that generous investments into our equipment and facility, not only elevates our standards, but also enriches our skilled furniture makers. In addition to our state of the art equipment, we have also implemented many innovative techniques to our construction:

•Equal-Ratio Leather Sectioning, (provides for a more aesthetically pleasing result, and environmentally, makes better use of the leather)
• Hidden Stapling, (allows for a more seamless and beautiful flat sofa bottom)
• New Painting and Finishing Methods, (lowers refraction rate by an astounding 50%)
• Joint Fixing Unit Application, (creates a more solid construction, this technique is designed and exclusive to Camerich)

Quality furniture is not only produced by skillful artisans in remarkable facilities, but it also encompasses premium materials to begin with. Camerich fabrics are environmentally friendly, they have outstanding color-fastness and wear resistance yet not compromising in color and texture. Our leathers originate from Texas, USA. Our leathers are supple yet durable, exceeding expectations in form and function. Camerich hides are also imported from the USA. Aesthetically they are beautiful, and the quality is consistent. Feather down is filled in all of our cushions and imbedded into many of our sofas. Our carefully selected down is strictly controlled at 2-4 cm in length, and washed at high temperatures to ensure thorough anti-worming process. Our cleanliness requirements exceeds national standards providing for an end product that is not only luxuriously comfortable but safe as well. Our sofas are constructed on either high quality solid birch wood or metal frames. All of our metals are pre-processed with anti-rust treatment. Elastic Webbing found in our sofa products are purchased from Italian vendor, INTES. This is the same source as where the highest end Italian furniture brand also procure their materials from.  The foam adhesive we use is a water-based product with no VOC release.  This is an environmentally friendly product purchased from Holland.  Our case goods utilize a honeycomb structure to guarantee strength and stability. All our wooden boards pass an 11 step processing procedure which ensures a very low refraction rate, exceeding national standards. Camerich hardware is sourced from top brands internationally: Hettich from Germany, EKU from Switzerland, Vinch from Italy, OSLASA from Spain, and CAIMEIEXPORT from Italy. Finally, our steel is cold rolled in 304 grade which offers great anti-corrosion results. Our metal pipes are high frequency welded with a thickness of 1.2-2 mm. Die casted zinc alloy legs provide for astounding durability.  Our paint is sourced from ICA company in Italy.  We use a water based paint, with less formaldehyde, benzene, and VOC release compared to that of PU paint.

All in all, at Camerich, we stand behind the materials in which we use to produce our products, we stand behind our fine facility and state of the art equipment, and, finally we stand behind our steadfast passion in creating products that bear our Camerich brand.